double trouble

from my marbled mind

friendejas said: I'm in Austin, moved here last January

ohhhh gotcha.  enjoying it?

FKA Twigs is one haunting badass Egyptian video game queen.

Loving my new Aquarian Tarot deck designed by David Palladini in 1970; just need someone to teach me how to read cards now. His illustrations combine an Art Deco / Nouveau sensibility with an ethereal 60s wild-child vibe that’s both soothing and spooky.

 Now I want his double zodiac poster realllllllll bad.

Whoa, this 1979 Cher track is KLASSIK!

Haydiroket’s GIFs are the perfect homage to our recent internet past, a lo-fi, nostalgic beauty found in the first wave of web design.

(Much like the poignant video for Petula Clark’s song Cut Copy Me.)

I’m a bit late to the Hozier fan club, but this song (and the video) make me weak in the knees. So dark, so lovely.

'We were born sick,' you heard them say it

My church offers no absolutes

She tells me ‘worship in the bedroom’

The only heaven I’ll be sent to

Is when I’m alone with you

I was born sick, but I love it…

This collection of photographs featuring folks in the 1960s-era Kansas City drag scene is incredible, not only because it documents a herstory too often hidden from us, but also because the slides were found by different people in two separate trash piles. If silence = death, then color slides must = happiness.


* those grey Nikes that Chris liked

* several umbrellas

* three bicycle lights

* my Buffalo gift card

* so many gloves

* my only pair of Ray Bans

* the black arrow bag that Jess made

* a few good friends

I heard this song play three times in three different places last week. What does it mean?

Works by the talented Mr. Finch, who uses mostly recycled vintage textiles to create larger than life sculptures of wild flora and fauna. From fungi to butterflies, Finch’s works exude an organic, decaying quality not unlike real taxidermy. Dark and lovely.